Saturday, May 17, 2008

TV spam and how to avoid them

TV spam and how to avoid them

Being one of the late night viewer of TV shows I observed lot of pushed ads are given to the watcher.Hence I want to mention that there is too much paid ads are shown in favour of kids channels like Jetix.

Some months ago I viewed late night animated shows such as Gargoyles,The Goosebumps,Martin Mystery and Yin Yang Yo etc.Now it is completely changed that more than 2 hours they are showing paid advertisements.Most of the TV channels are prefer like this behaviour.

Giving complaints to them via email may not work against that.So I want to give some suggestion to avoid these things.

Firstly buy or rent good film DVDs for your home endertainment.Then watch them during the spam hours.

Secondly, have a joystike and gaming console which can be played at TV.Like film DVDs rent/buy these games to play and have pleasure at ad times.

Third,on the web there are lot of photo resources available.Download them as your interest and burn them on your DVD or CD to make a full photo CD or DVD.Watch them by your DVD player which supports for like this kind of CD's in your hate yours.

Finally, the easiest thing and lof of you know.This simple thing is that change the channels as per your interest.So you can have some happy by viewing alternate shows.This tip can be avoided but lof of them cannot be bored like the paid ads showed on TV

Friday, April 25, 2008

Batman's valuable resource

Batman's valuable resource

The animated series of Batman took aggressive in my heart during my boyhood.
When looking upon my favourite superhero he has good neighbours,silent and less populated Gotham city and also he is a billionaire. His talents,thinks and technological knowledge made him as the high ranked superhero.Besides his main resource can be only one:being rich.Because having lot of money he can do anything from buying new gadgets to super computing at his underground lab. Most of the friendliest characters can be detailed as one by one.Harvey,Bruce Wayne's one of the closest friend later, he turned into two face by Batman.Robin,who knows everything about both faces of Batman.Albert,as like as Robin but having no adventurous behaviour.These friends are not giving the Batman a better altitude but the money and wealthness of Bruce Wayne made him as the clever and talented superhero and also to clean the crime in the Gotham city.